Central United Church
Church Council

As of the Annual Meeting on February 4th, I have assumed the role of Chair of Council. I have established an email address for any questions or suggestions you may have regarding church issues. Please feel free to contact me. lesleydrickard05@gmail.com

For those without email there is a mail slot in the church office. Please indicate if you prefer to remain anonymous.  

 Thank you Lesley Rickard 

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Have you ever wondered just what Church Council is, what it does, when it meets, who are involved and how did they get there? For those who are, or have been, a part of Church Council, the answers may seem straight for-ward….but, for others, it may not be so obvious. 

Within the structure of our Church Council we have 6 committees: Finance Committee; Program Committee; Pastoral Care and Visitation Committee; Worship, Mission and Outreach Committee; Property Committee; Ministry and Personnel Committee. The Chairperson of each committee plus one other member of each committee is a member of council. Also on Council is the Chair of the Trustees of the church, and a representative from the United Church Women. And, also on Council, we currently have the Chair Darlene Sherk, Vice Chair Kurt Rauscher, Past Chair Donna Tuck, Secretary Kate Brown, Treasurer Sandra Frame and Youth Representative Ellyanne Roseboom. 

Church Council has 9 regular meetings a year and the Committees meet as necessary.

Finance Committee - its mandate is to oversee the financial matters of the church. 

Program Committee - is active and always seem to be involved in congregational events that include fun and food. There are a number of people on the committee who keep things going! 

Pastoral Care and Visitation Committee - In the past few years there has not been a committee that actively works in this area. Our Pastoral Care staff person, Heather Filson, reports to council on matters pertaining to Pastoral Care and she connects with Jennifer Parker at Portal Village and with 
Carrie Dunn who co-ordinates the Cookies and Christ program at Portal Village and Northland Pointe. 

Worship, Mission and Outreach Committee - originally two separate committees. The Worship Committee and Mission and Outreach Committee amalgamated a couple of years ago – simply because we could not find enough people to serve in these positions. This committee works with the minister in areas of worship (dates of communion, special worship services, pulpit supply when the minister is away etc.). And they also oversee mission and outreach programs such as the Clothing Boutique, our World Vision family, Christmas Shoe Box program, and the distribution of the Local Outreach funds. 

Property Committee – is responsible for the physical building, its repair and upkeep. 

Ministry and Personnel Committee – the mandate of this committee covers anything that has to do with the personnel matters pertaining to the staff. 

Chair of the Board of Trustees is Chris Wilson and the representative from the United Church Women is Joanne Hemauer and they are also are members of council. 

Several others make invaluable contributions to Central by sitting on these vari-ous committees but do not sit on church council. 

How did these people get these positions? 

Well…at this time of year, a Nominations Committee consisting of the Chair, Vice Chair and Past Chair of Council approach church members offering them the opportunity to serve their church in any of the ways described above. That is not an easy job! Many people are busy, many have served in the past and feel they have “done their duty”. Others may be hesitant, feeling that they do not understand what is involved. But remember, experience is not necessary! 
The Nominations Committee brings a report to the Annual Meeting early in the new year. Further nominations are invited at that time. Those at the Annual Meeting will vote to establish the council for the upcoming year. 

Consider being a part of your Church Council and/or a Committee member. 

Be aware of your Church Council and Committees and the work that they do. 
Talk to your Church Council members – share your thoughts. 
Pray for your Church Council and Committees as they do God’s work at Central.

Committees and their Members - to be updated